The Blue House: Inside AND Outside!

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Anyone who is already in the business of renovation is likely familiar with John and Sherry Petersik, married couple and owners of Young House Love, a blog dedicated to their adventures in the housing market.

As part of an event called Homearama, the Petersiks decorated and designed a house from top to bottom as part of a seven-house series for people to tour. Though it was a creative challenge for them, the results were incredible. Not all house flips go as smoothly as this, as it’s not uncommon for people to find issues like foundation damage. This occurred to a friend in Fort Worth, so she used the services of a foundation contractor Fort Worth. This really helped her get back to on track with her house flip.


The front of the house is full of delightful contrasts, from the refined siding and trim to the rough cedar posts holding up the gable above the doorway. As is clear to see, the blue and white play off one another beautifully.

Just for fun, here’s what it looks like at night (with a wider view of the landscaping as well).


For a closer look, the front porch is covered in gorgeous blue tile and is decorated with inviting wicker furniture, including a plush couch. Here we can also get a look at the stone work filling out the bottom of the porch columns.


As an added flourish, the Petersiks also had custom window boxes built for the exterior of the home to add a splash of natural color.


In the front hallway viewers can see the wood floors, the tasteful white paint throughout and the interior decor.


Moving deeper in is the living room, tied together with a warm orange rug which nicely offsets the deep blue above the fireplace. As a funny detail, the Petersiks decided to have a big portrait of their dog, Burger, commissioned to put above the fireplace (to be replaced by a TV eventually).


Everyone goes weak in the knees for a good, spacious kitchen, and this one is no exception. Complete with a huge island with stools and plenty of space, this a room that any homeowner would envy. One interesting detail about the design here is the gold accordion lights above the island—what do you think?


Even cuter is the tucked away breakfast nook attached to the kitchen, perfect for cuddling up with a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper.


Although its relatively plain compared to some of the other rooms in the house, how many people out there would love to as spacious a pantry as this one?


There’s also a mudroom with stained wood benches and plenty of storage space to keep the mess out of the house.


The hall bathroom is also worth a look for its symmetry and understatement. If you look closer, you’ll notice that wavy design on the wall isn’t wallpaper—it’s floor to ceiling tile.


Since no part of this house went overlooked, the “Butler’s Pantry” (also known as the hallway between the kitchen and the dining room) is also full of its own decor, including a massive chalkboard where the family can leave messages to one another.


Next up is the dining room, this time painted in darker grays with blue accent colors throughout and a rather modern-looking light fixture above the table.


One of the more interesting rooms is the office, which the Petersiks said they wanted to design in a more feminine style. It comes complete with a floor plant, a decorative lamp and a simple desk in the middle of the room surrounded by natural light.


Next up is the master bedroom which draws upon some different colors than some of the other rooms. Here the dominant color is pink, from the rug on the floor to the accents in the wall painting. Still, this is balanced with light blue curtains on the windows.


Between the master bathroom and the closet is a small vestibule—but the Petersiks were sure to use every inch of the space to its fullest. Here, they opted for a rustic looking light fixture and a tall mirror to fill out the area.


Taking inspiration from the clean aura of a spa room, the master bathroom is expansive and light with plenty of beautiful tile work.


Not to be outdone, the master closet comes with two divisions (fit for a couple) and lots of lighting and storage space. As a nice touch, the room includes triple door hooks on the closet door to create an outfit display area.


Next up is the laundry room, replete with some truly creative wallpaper…


A guest bedroom, decorated with its own unique color palette of green and brown…



…and its own guest bathroom, doubling the clean spa-vibe of the master bathroom.


After that is a boy’s bedroom, which comes with a built-in twin bed right by the window and gorgeous crow’s nest with a little ladder.


The kids’ rooms come with a shared bathroom as well, complete with tile floors and accented with green throughout.


On the other side of the connective bathroom is a girl’s bedroom, this one much more colorful with yellow wallpaper and a wide, double desk built in under the window.


There’s also a comfortable playroom with bookcases and plenty of natural light, located near the other two rooms.


Last but not least is this beautiful back patio, which comes with some truly staggering stone work above the outdoor fireplace. Who couldn’t imagine hanging out with the whole family back here on a warm summer night?


For a more assembled look at the house, be sure to check out the video below. For more house renovation, be sure to visit Young House Love for more of the Petersiks’ exciting projects!

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