Living Rooms With Exposed Brick Walls

Adjoining houses, renovating an old build, or simply stuck for an effortlessly-cool living room design? An exposed brick wall could solve all your problems. Whether you’re after the look of the Mediterranean, cool, relaxed and rustic; or a Scandinavian-inspired, low-key background peopled with bookcases; or an industrial haven perfect for sipping drip coffee amongst fur throws and stove piping, exposed brick is the medium for you. Classic red brick explores warm and tasty segues to the kitchen. Cool grey provides a subtle backdrop for your individual style. You could even go that little bit further if you wanted and get something like this audio video installation Bluffton sc to give your house that little bit extra in it’s design. It really does make a difference to your audio – so why not treat yourself? Obviously if you prefer the peace and quiet then maybe not. If this is the case then it might just be worthwhile sticking to getting an exposed brick wall. If you are a fan of the peace and quiet, but live in a noisy area, then it might be a good idea to invest in soundproofing material for your house. If this is something that interests you then why not take a look at a website like

Take a peek at our crafted selection of inspirational examples.

Several faux-brick options are available online, for a cost-effective and easy-peel solution. Try brick veneers, dry-wall, wallpaper or decals to create a short or long-term design solution that looks like the real deal. Also if you are looking to adapt the same exposed brick style to your bedroom, do check out our post:40 Bedrooms With Exposed Brick Walls.


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