In Good Taste: Modern Organic Interiors (Inspiration)

Good morning, readers! We hope you’ve had a great week.

This is the last week of school here–finally!–and summer always has us thinking about what else but getting outside.

And, though it’s termed “spring cleaning” for a reason,  summer is another one of those times when we’re thinking about making our interiors cleaner and more streamlined–from the closets all the way through the rest of the house.

Modern decor and elements of the outside instantly make a home feel less cluttered and, as we all know, less clutter equals more relaxation–even if you can’t get to the beach!


And who couldn’t use a little more of that?

The kitchen is one of our favorite places to mix in a few organic elements because it’s as easy as tossing lemons, limes, apples or these adorable gourds into a bowl. They add instant color, and, hopefully, remind us to grab something from nature when we want a snack.

Even small bursts of green on the counter can help focus attention and create a sense of calming relaxation.

Modern pendant lights juxtapose perfectly with rustic frames and cowhide barstools to create an eclectic bar area perfect for entertaining.

Sloped ceilings give the feeling of height to even the smallest of spaces and plenty of light adds to the appeal.

This stunning bathroom is another great mix of materials. From simple wood to glamorous marble and everything in between, this is the perfect space for feeling calm, refreshed and ready for the new season ahead.

Written by The Home Designer
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