Home Staging Tips and Ideas to Improve the Value of Your Home

When getting a home ready for a sale, the first thing that you would probably think about is who are you going to use to help you sell it (for example, you might take a look at something like Sell My House), the last thing you’ll be thinking about is how to leave your home. You might just be thinking though about how much money you want to dump into your home staging. These simple staging tips and ideas will help you improve the value of your home before a sale by highlighting your home’s strengths and downplaying its weaknesses. Even if you are not moving, take these steps to provide a inviting, comforting atmosphere for your family. A last note to consider before the rest of the article, having the ideal temperature in your home is the best way to keep everything comfortable. A friend recommended the best heating columbia sc, if you’re in the area you should for sure check out their heating solutions.

Don’t over clutter a bedroom, simplicity is best | Celebrating Everyday Life


Aesthetics are everything! Learn the art of decorating with Vignette Styling | Blesser House


Brighten up the foyer or entrance of a home by painting the inside of the front door | How to Nest for Less



Have an empty bedroom? Create this DIY Headboard and Make-Believe Bed | DIY Home Staging Tips


Replace family photos with mirrors and simplistic art and decor. Mirrors enlarge a room and decor allows the buyer to personalize their own space | Source Unknown


Need help with wall colors? Take a look at these top 3 paint colors from a home expert | Provident Home Design


Repair and caulk baseboards like a pro | Craving Some Creativity


Roll your towels like a 5 star hotel for a relaxing bathroom vignette | The White Rabbit


Flowers are important in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Be thrifty and use shrubbery as a floral arrangement | DIY Home Staging Tips


A couch invites someone to sit. Try these Sofa Styling Tips | Source Unknown


Ebony and Ivory: The Ultimate Color Scheme. Turn cheap materials into a classy look | DIY Home Staging Tips


Update the bathroom for less. Fresh caulk makes all the difference in making a fixture look new and clean | In My Own Style


Buying a new counter top can be costly. Resurface a laminate counter with concrete | A Beautiful Mess


You can make your air vents look brand new with a little help from a can of spray paint | The Frugal Homemaker


Treat your shower like a window with two curtains instead of one. Also place them higher to elongate the bathroom | Beck Design Blog


Take things off the counter top to a glass shelf (but keep it simplistic)| Pretty Handy Girl


Give your home small details that make it desirable, changing the air-grille can make a world of a difference | Friendly Home


Make your own window hardware with a copper pipe | The Handmade Home


Don’t buy new. Update the look of a ceiling fan by painting the fixture | The Real Tits McGee


Transform a dull ceiling light with a lamp shade | Young House Love


Update a kitchen by painting the cabinets | Little Dekonings


Hang curtains high and wide to make a window look larger, people who are moving into a new home love new looking, big windows, therefore making your windows around the house look bigger is more likely to make a viewer buy your house. Fitting new windows can also help your house become more appealing to buyers and MWT Windows are experts in creating windows that look stunning and are off high quality. Be careful that you do not spend too much money on upgrading your home’s windows because if you are trying to sell your house it will be very hard to get a return on your money invested on the windows! | How Does She




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