Easy DIY Wooden Arrow Wall Decor Tutorial

We are so excited to show you guys how to create a wooden arrow tutorial for the perfect home decor. Not sure if it’s because it is so simple yet adorable or if it is because that means we are finally wrapping up our little guy’s nursery with the final touches.

DIY Wooden Arrow Wall Decor Tutorial

We’ve been hard at work for the past month and with only a few weeks left to go, we are on crunch time to get the final pieces hung. Thanks to our little man Greyson…he has been such a good helper from getting his old clothes unpacked to rediscovering his old books and toys.

DIY Wooden Arrow Tutorial, Home Decor | Remodelaholic

So let’s get to it!

How to Make Easy Decorative Wooden Arrows
by Morgan from construction2style

First step to making anything is making sure you have all of your materials on hand.


  • Wood
  • Right Angle
  • Wood Stain
  • Old Rag
  • Miter Saw
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Wood Glue

Building Instructions

Next you’ll determine how large or small you want your arrows. You can really use anything for materials here, from scrap wood to 1×4 to top notch reclaimed wood. It really just depends how much you want to spend and the look your going for. For us, we had some extra materials laying around on our shop floor that we used.

DIY Wooden Arrow Wall Decor Tutorial

As soon as you find your material, depending on how many arrows you want cut all the pieces to the same length. We wanted 3 arrows, so we cut 6 boards- each board measuring 1 foot. We measured from one end one foot in and marked it. We then used our right angle to draw a line at a 45 degree angle from the mark. On the mark is where we cut our angle.

DIY Wooden Arrow Wall Decor Tutorial

Once you have your spots marked off, put your boards on your miter saw and make your cuts.

DIY Wooden Arrow Wall Decor Tutorial

Once you’ve cut your angles on the one end you’ll want to cut your angles on the opposite sides with the same angle and the same direction. Here’s an example of the wrong direction of a cut, like I did at first. haha! Unless of course you like it that way!

Wrong Direction | DIY Wooden Arrow Wall Decor Tutorial

Once you’ve made your cuts, it’s time to paint and stain. There are so many fun options out there on ways to create fun arrows but for our little guys nursery we were just looking for something super simple that went with the forest green nature theme, so we used Rustoleum’s Carathane Wood Stain. We also did a few fun one’s in their blue bleach stains which turned out really fun too!

DIY Wooden Arrow Wall Decor Tutorial

Once dry, place some wood glue onto each ends and adhere together with the opposite board.

DIY Wooden Arrow Wall Decor Tutorial

DIY Wooden Arrow Wall Decor Tutorial

DIY Wooden Arrow Wall Decor Tutorial

And there you have it! You just made your arrows. These super simple arrow’s make for the perfect home decor. And best part, they don’t even look DIY. Last step is to determine where you’re going to hang your beauties. We hope our little guy loves them as much as we do in his new nursery. And we can’t wait to bring him home to his new space.

DIY Wooden Arrow Wall Decor Tutorial

DIY Wooden Arrow Tutorial, Home Decor | Remodelaholic

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