A Strange New Design Trend Has People Everywhere Filling Their Showers With Plants

If you have a green thumb, you’re in luck, as shower plants are the latest new trend in interior decorating.

Now, people everywhere are asking: would you shower with a plant?

The design trend is just the latest in a wave of aesthetic affection for indoor plants. A lot of people have indoor plants to help them with their air quality. So if you have are thinking about getting indoor plants then you can see this website here about the most popular kinds of plants people get.

Though the garden once reigned supreme, more and more people are relegated to tiny apartment spaces.

Without a yard, people who love green things have to get creative, designing window boxes and planting tiny teacup gardens.

But if you live in a smaller space, window real estate is at a premium.

That’s why some folks are getting creative by bringing their plants into the surprisingly ideal environment of the bathroom — though more specifically, the shower.

It might sound strange to fill up your bathroom with plants, but if you have a little bit of space to spare, they certainly liven up the place!

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Why Plants Love To Shower

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When you think about it, no space in your house gets more humidity than the shower.

For plants that prefer a tropical feel, this unusual arrangement can be a dream come true!

Ferns and other exceptionally thirsty plants might not be happy on your windowsill, but will come alive in the steamy environment of your shower.

Some plants are extremely flexible and will thrive just about anywhere.

Spider plants are a great example. These plants sprout babies, and they can tolerate almost all conditions.

They don’t need a lot of water, but they’ll be happy to get it and will reward you with a whole throng of new spider plant babies!

Even drought-resistant plants like the Christmas cactus can take to the humid environment of the shower.

Some cactuses and succulents, which store water in their leaves, are actually native to tropical environments. This means that they will put out a ton of new growth when they get to a climate that feels more like home.

However, double-check before you put a succulent or cactus in the shower; many are not tolerant of overwatering and will get moldy.

Why You’ll Love Showering With Plants

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The health benefits of spending time with plants are well-documented.

According to the New York Times, surveys have proven that people are happier and more relaxed when they spend time with outdoor plants, though less research has been done on indoor plants.

The same article does note that a small European study indicates that plants in the office make people happier and more productive.

In short, plants are a serious mood booster. Who couldn’t benefit from a little extra happiness?

Plants also make your environment a lot healthier.

Humans and plants actually have an ancient and beautiful symbiotic relationship.

Plants exhale oxygen, which humans needs to survive. In turn, we exhale CO2, which are crucial for a plant’s existence.

Keeping plants nearby improves your air quality.

Plants don’t just suck carbon dioxide out of the air, they also pull in all sorts of additional gross stuff.

A NASA study indicated that plants might help purify the air of chemical pollutants from car exhaust and other hazards of densely populated places.

Meanwhile, if you have too much humidity in your bathroom, plants might help soak some of it up.

Plants can’t stand in for a bathroom fan, but they will definitely absorb some of the moisture that might otherwise go to fueling mold and mildew.

Are Shower Plants Right For You?

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Some people will be halfway to the garden center before they even finish reading this article, and others will be more dubious. So, is a shower plant the right path for your home?

If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, or get minimal light through the windows you do have, your bathroom probably can’t support a plant (unless it’s a low-light variety, like a Boston fern).

If you don’t want to deal with plant maintenance, you should probably also avoid installing a plant. Even if they get most of their water from the shower, they will still need love from time to time.

But if you’re a green thumb type who just loves filling your space with greenery? Go for it — there’s a shower plant out there with your name on it!

*Source: littlethings.com