44 Awesome Accent Wall Ideas For Your Bedroom

Need to up your bedroom’s pizzazz? An accent wall is the feature for you. Whether you’re using slats to form a tropical rainforest, oscillating colors to create a pastel rainbow or using rough stone materials to convey the aura of the ancients, there’s an accent wall to fit every sleeping space’s needs. On a side note, as nice and exciting as it is to add a new feature to your house, make sure that simple aspects of the home are running and up to date. For example, if some electric circuits have cut out in the bedroom, be sure to get an emergency electrician in, as this can be sorted before the decorating begins. Don’t have the luxury of changing your façade? Use clever wall sconces or a standing light to create the mood of your dreams. On a tight budget? Use a piece of art to bring your décor to the next level. You could even if you wanted to do something a bit different just take a look at buying something like this marker board paint. It’s great if you want to get creative in your bedroom. Take a peek through our top 44 accent walls.


Written by The Home Designer
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