32 Modern Dining Chairs Ready To Make A Statement

While sometimes it’s good to be timeless, we also have to live in the present and to surround ourselves with things that we find beautiful at that particular moment and that includes furniture among other things. Elements like contemporary dining chairs can have an uplifting effect on the room they’re in and on the entire home as a result of that. That being said, do you have any particular designs in mind? We can’t decide on a single favorite design so we gathered here a bunch of chairs that we find interesting and appealing in one way or another.

The Sissi dining chair is sculptural, delicate and graceful and has a design that you just can’t miss. The back and armrests are made up of a series of large intersecting rings which give the chair a refined and feminine look. What’s also interesting is the fact that all the structural elements of the chair are seamlessly linked, as if they’re molded out of a single piece of clay.

Liza is a chair designed in 2015 by Lievore Altherr Molina. It’s not meant to serve uniquely as a dining chair which means you could also use it in living rooms, offices and a variety of other spaces. The legs are made of solid oak or walnut and the seat is framed by a curved backrest that wraps around the user like a soft and cozy shell.

It may look simple but there’s more to the Sign Filo chair than meets the eye. It was created as a celebratory piece for the anniversary of the classic Sign chair. To create this graceful silhouette, 45 meters of steel wire in 4 different diameters were used. In addition, 16 shoulders and 12 cross wires were assembled by hand for each individual chair.

This looks quite similar to the Sign Filo chair we mentioned earlier, doesn’t it? That’s because it too is a part of the Sign project. It has a very fluid and continuous form and it comes in the form of a whole unit made from a single sheet of material. This is the Sign Matt designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga.

Not all modern dining chairs are meant to look dramatic and unusual. In fact, most of them are reinterpretation of classical and traditional designs. The Gisa chair, for instance, is inspired by the 50’s and its design is also influences by the stylish simplicity usually featured by Nordic furniture.

Obviously, it’s the unusual form of the backrest that makes the Quo chair stand out from other similar pieces. This quirky design twist gives this contemporary dining chair a lot of personality. The Quo chairs are also very practical and can be stacked to save space.

The Up Chair looks as if you could wear it as a vest and that’s pretty funny. At the same time, the design and form of the shell make this a very interesting and intriguing piece of furniture. The chair is very comfortable thanks to both the material and the technique used in the manufacturing of the shell.

There’s something quite striking about this chair. It’s called Shell and it has a very sculptural and graphical design. The backrest is attached to the seat not at the back, as usual, but at the front, being seamlessly linked to the front legs.

The three versions of the Koki chair only differ in height. They have tubular steel legs and seats made of polyurethane. They’re stackable, versatile and comfortable and you can use them both indoor and outdoor. Their design is simple, classic with a modern twist.

We can picture these casual-looking chairs in a variety of different settings, including meeting rooms, dining areas and lounge spaces. It’s that plain quilted seat that makes the design of the Lab chair so attractive and appealing. It looks wonderful in combination with the wooden legs.

Now these are the contemporary chairs we had in mind…sculptural, unusual, unique and beautiful in ways we didn’t envision before. These are the Fei Fei-MC and Maxima chairs designed by William Sawaya. They both have backrests that curve, either inward or outward, slender frames and no armrests.

Stackable chairs are very practical but they don’t always look very stylish or refined. The Remo chair, however, is not like all the others. It was designed by Konstantin Grcic and although its design is simple, that doesn’t make it any less interesting. The chair’s seat shell in available in 12 different colors which can be combined in lots of beautiful ways.

Like the name suggests, the Standard SR chair is meant to blend in and to look classic. Its upholstered seat and backrest allow it to be comfortable while also introducing color to the space. The legs are not all four the same. The two at the front are made of slim steel tubing while the two at the back are made of large hollow sections for better support and durability.

The Softshell Side Chair also looks pretty standard. It’s a compact chair with a solid frame and soft and comfortable upholstery. The backrest curves gently and offers good support while also ensuring plenty of flexibility. You can choose from a variety of fabric and leather upholstery color.

Given the choice of materials used when designing Chair One, you can use these sculptural pieces indoors as well as outdoors. Their frames are made of polished, anodized or painted aluminum. They’re meant to be used with cushions which can either be covered in fabric or in leather and they’re stackable.

This is a different version of Chair One. The different between the two is the base. This is the swivel model. It has a self-returning mechanism and the base is made of concrete. The seat and backrest shell is made of aluminum and, as before, can be paired with cushions available in fabric or leather.

Milan is a very versatile dining chair. It’s made of polypropylene and glass fiber and it’s lightweight, practical and stackable as well as suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. You can find it in several different colors. Mix and match them as you like.

If you find the design of the Kobi Pad chair familiar it could be because it’s been inspired by traditional iron wire chairs. The style has been revived and modified to appeal to a contemporary clientele. The chair is lightweight and comfortable thanks to its basket-like shell which envelops the seat.

Unless the design is specifically intended to use a single material, most contemporary and modern dining chairs are crafted using combinations of materials. These are Elle chairs. They have polished aluminum frames and polyurethane shells which are available in various colors but which can also be covered in hide.

Generic doesn’t always mean boring or without character. What better way to show you that with a chair that’s actually named Generic? It’s simple and relatable to other similar products without entirely blending in.

The Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck is one of the most iconic furniture pieces ever. This is a completely transparent chair which, despite its appearance, is very strong and durable In addition, the Ghost chairs are stackable. There’s also a miniature version of the chair called Lou Lou Ghost.

A lot of times it’s more difficult to simplify something than to add more elements to its design. Such is the case with modern dining chairs such as Piuma. Its shell is made of a material containing carbon fiber and the chair as a whole is slender, durable and lightweight as well as outdoor-friendly.

We also love the Pura dining chair for its simplicity. It’s made of moulded polyurethane and its all covered with fabric or leather, thus eliminating the need for upholstery or cushions. In addition, the design of the chair is linear, fluid and versatile.

Plenty of old and classic dining chairs are still popular today. The Tulip chair is one of them. It’s been designed by Eero Saarinen in 1957 and it’s a timeless piece, featuring a slender and elegant pedestal base and a comfortable and stylish seat shell with comfortable upholstery. There are no armrests and the chair looks great without them.

It’s easy to see what makes the No 11 chair special. It’s obviously the frame which is made of solid brass. It has a very graceful and elegant form, with undulating lines, soft edges and interesting proportions. The overall image of the chair is that of a classic furniture piece, adapted for the modern world.

The Unbeaumatin is a very delicate piece of furniture. Everything about it suggests that: the thin metal legs, the way they curve at the top under the seat, the fact that the backrest is see-through and very thin and gentle-looking and also the softness of the fabric used for the seat.

The fact that the Locus Solus chair has a round seat is interesting enough but that’s not the only quirky thing about its design. The tubular steel frame emphasizes the roundness of the seat and adds even more curves to the design. In addition, the seat cushions are handmade and printed with exclusive artwork.

The Week-End chair and everything else form the collection with the same name was designed specifically for the outdoors, although the individual pieces are quite versatile and can also look great indoors. The chairs are stackable and their designs are graphical without being dramatic or particularly eye-catching.

Although they’re designed for outdoor use, these lovely chairs from iSimar are really cute and funky-looking. They come in lots of different colors and their slender forms and thin structures allows them to maintain an airy decor. They can be paired with comfortable cushions for added comfort.

They’re surprisingly delicate-looking for some chairs made of cast aluminum. You can find them in the Industry Collection from Seletti. They’re available in four colors and they’re very detailed. The armchair version is similar in design and there’s even a matching table you can get if you like this style.

The design of the All Plastic Chair is reminiscent of classic wood dining chairs but, surprise surprise, it’s made of plastic which in a way makes it more practical for modern and contemporary homes. It’s suited for both indoor and outdoor use and it’s both resilient and comfortable.

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